Our Boundless Bundle is made up of our entire catalog of multi-use hair care products but don't limit them to only hair. The Whipped Shea Sorbet and Body Bar can be used for both hair care purposes as well as for your skin care regimen.


The box includes:

Whipped Shea Sorbet (8oz)

Clarifying Shampoo and Body Bar (3.5oz)

Sweet Mint Smoothie Conditioner Set:

Sweet Mint Smoothie Conditioner (16oz)

Sweet Mint Smoothie Leave-in (4oz) - EMPTY - Customize with 16oz and add water

Sweet Mint Smoothie Refresher Spray (4oz) - EMPTY - Customize with 16oz and add water

(The Leave-in and Refresher Spray bottles are included and you easily customize by adding distilled water)

Boundless Bundle


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