Naturally Boundless was conceptualized in the kitchen of founder Jasmine Douglas as a means to an end.


But let’s start at the beginning.


Jasmine permed her hair for the last time in the summer of 2012. It wasn’t until the following spring that she finally arrived at her decision to big chop. With all her permed ends gone, she was left with about an inch of hair on her head. One look in the mirror and…


she hated it.


Bounded by what she’d been conditioned to see as beautiful, she did what she’d done for the past 7 or 8 years of her life. She immediately put her tiny, kinky, coily afro into a weave.


They say we all experience an event -- some of us more than once -- that divides our lives into a “before” and “after.” Something so transformative that we can pinpoint the exact moment. For Jasmine, that moment came about two years after the big chop debacle of spring 2013 when she went to Belize with her husband.


As soon as she stepped off the plane, she felt a closeness – a belonging – unlike anything that she’d ever experienced before. She felt an overwhelming sense of freedom and pride as she looked around and saw so many beautiful people who looked like her.

The spirals, coils, loops, zig zags and gravity defying shapes she saw all around her left her inspired. She decided right there surrounded by the sparkling Caribbean Sea and lush jungles of Belize that when she got back to Los Angeles she was going to let go of the pressures she felt to look a certain way. She was going to be unapologetically Black, and she was going to let her fro speak for itself. She was going to be boundless.


Back home weaveless and embracing her natural hair, Jasmine found herself spiraling down the rabbit hole of products. All of the products. From deep conditioners, shampoos and co-washes to gels, custards, oils, butters, leave-ins and setting creams – she bought it all in an inspired attempt to find what worked for her hair.


While she was no longer bounded by societal norms, she could feel herself beginning to be bounded by the time and money she was dedicating to her new haircare routine.


It needed to be streamlined.


First, she started eliminating products that she didn’t need and quickly came to the realization that her hair really only needed a few essentials to achieve the looks she wanted.


Clarify. Moisturize. Seal & style.


Once she did that, she focused on ingredients. She eliminated products with synthetic ingredients and focused on natural remedies and recipes to improve hair health and almost immediately noticed a change in the condition of her hair.


Only problem remaining was that she was having a hard time finding all-natural products on the market.


So, right there in her kitchen, Jasmine began to mix and craft what is now Naturally Boundless.


True to Jasmine’s vision from day one, Naturally Boundless is a means to an end. An end to being anything but completely and wholly without boundaries – boundaries put on us by society, by time and by money. With our signature Whipped Shea Sorbet as our foundation, we’ve gotten back to basics and honed a catalog of products that are multi-purposed (face, body, hair) and tried-and-true, allowing our customers’ beautiful brown skin to GLOW and beautiful curls to SHINE, boundlessly.

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