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Naturally Boundless was born out of a need in the natural hair community. The problem for our founder, was too many types of products for black hair and even more ingredients that weren't recognizable. The solution came to her as an 'aha moment.' Create a line of products that were versatile enough to use from start to finish in your beauty routine and clean enough that you actually knew the ingredients being used. It was designed for the woman on the go. Instead of the focus being on these long and tedious hair regimens, set apart for a whole day (wash day), time should be spent on what matters most.


That was just the beginning. But after the shutdown of the world in 2020, Jasmine began to see life in an entirely new way. Her focus shifted from moving through these tasks quickly with the outlook constantly on the outcome, the future, the end….. to choosing to live in the present. Allowing herself to be intentional about her thoughts, her words, her movement in the world. She began to build little rituals around everyday activities that transformed her mind and restored her peace. Choosing to be in the present and affirm herself during mundane tasks and self-care practices helped to establish these little ceremonies that brought alignment of body, mind and spirit.

Jasmine now lives in Austin, Texas with her little family that's in expansion mode right now. She's a reiki and crystal healing practitioner that believes her life path is bridging the gap between faith and spirituality. Her sign(s) are sun in Cancer, Gemini rising and Taurus moon. She loves connecting with the elements, gratitude lists, meditation, sand volleyball and finding joy in the little things.

A word from our Founder:


The truth is, you become your thoughts, you become what you speak. Why not build your foundations of self by speaking life into it! Affirm yourself. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You deserve the fullest love. Believe it in your heart. Meditate on it in your mind. And allow your spirit to dance in its glory.

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