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Boundless Love Intention Setting Kit
  • Boundless Love Intention Setting Kit


    The Boundless Love Intention Setting Kit is the perfect companion to support you on the journey to expansion. It all starts with your heart center. When you're able to transform your heart, you're at the beginning of an evolution. Immerse yourself in a peaceful space and allow for Divine connection.


    The kit includes: 

    • Full size Boundless Love Tea - Loose Leaf
    • Rose Quartz stone
    • Lavender Bundle
    • Loose Leaf Tea Strainer


    -Make your tea and set it aside, adding lemon and honey to your liking

    -Burn a piece of lavender to set sacred space and purify your stone.


    -You'll set the intention with the rose quartz in your non-dominant hand:


    God created the universe to be ever-expanding, as will the heart be a mirror of the universe and continuously expand


    -and then affirm with your tea: 


    I give and receive Boundless Love



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