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Full Spectrum Doula Services
  • Full Spectrum Doula Services


    To be a doula is to be of service to a birthing person and I innately am a nurturer. It’s something that has always been a natural part of my being and essence. My gift is being able to attune to your emotional needs and offer support during your prenatal, labor & delivery and postpartum journey.


    A little about me and my doula practice:

    I am a full spectrum certified doula. I will advocate and support your birth goals that we can compassionately establish together. I consider myself a holistic doula, so truly creating harmony between your mind, body and spirit by using faith, herbs, nourishing practices, education of the birthing stages, natural comfort measures, releasing fear and utilizing affirmations to help guide you through this sacred and vulnerable time. 


    I'm a boy mom of 2 (Dru and Onyx) and had a hospital with my first and a home birth with my second. So I've had birthing experiences in both atmospheres and feel confident in providing care in both scenarios. My confidence and connection grew in my body after my first birth which enabled me to honor the sacred journey at home for baby number 2. That journey exceeded my expectations and my husband delivered our baby boy within 2 hours of contractions. 


    What it looks like to work together: 

    2 in-person Prenatal Appointments

    Birth Goal Planning

    Labor & Birth Support

    2 in-person Postpartum Appointments 

    • Yoni Steam
    • Nourishing Tea Ceremony


    $1222 (ask me about payment plans)


    Maternal health equity

    I know that so many women who look like me, have voices that are muffled, bodies that aren’t protected, opinions that aren’t taken seriously and harsh judgement during a time when we should be held, seen and celebrated. Pregnancy and birth is such a sacred time, where the physical and emotional intersect. And if we don’t feel supported emotionally, physically and intellectually there’s a greater risk of complications and dire circumstances. My desire is to create a safe space for my community to feel like they can emotionally lean into the care that is provided from a doula while also encouraging them during the physical marathon that is pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum care.

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