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Boundless Love Tea - Organic
  • Boundless Love Tea - Organic


    The Boundless Love Tea is an organic loose leaf tea blend that is all about opening the heart space to give and receive love. The herbs used in the Boundless Love Tea benefit the heart in a physical sense as well as support the heart spiritually. Creating small rituals and ceremonies help to nourish the mind, body and spirit. Try this Tea Ceremony to balance your heart center: Read more about the Boundless Love Tea Ceremony on our blog and download the meditation to go deeper into the expansion of the heart. Add 1 tbsp herbs to tea bag or diffuser and allow to steep in hot water for 8-10 mins. Before you take a sip, take a deep breath in and slowly release it thour your nose. Affrim in your heart: I give and receive Boundless Love. Take a moment or several and feel the energy in your heart space fill up with love and gratitude.   

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