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Boundless Mind Tea
  • Boundless Mind Tea


    The Boundless Mind Tea is a mushroom blend of reishi, lion's mane and chaga + a cacao base. The focus is all about calming the mind to find moments of peace. In order to balance the mind we must find presence and feel anchored in our body. The tea ceremony involves visualizing your safe place and truly taking in the colors, the sounds, the way you feel so you can truly feel a sense of grounding. 


    This tea feels like a coffee replacement with it's rich and indulging body. Add a tsp of the Boundless Mind tea to a mug with 8 oz of boiling hot water, stir and add in your favorite creamer and sweetener. 


    Take a few cleansing breaths and affirm: Today, joy surrounds me, lives in me and flows from me effortlessly.


    For the full ceremony, check out our blog post

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