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Whipped Shea Sorbet

There are so many ways to use the Whipped Shea Sorbet that we had to break you off with a list in order to paint the big picture...

Seal in Moisture

WATER is the only true way to moisturize your hair, so after you hydrate your strands, go ahead and seal it in with the Shea Sorbet

Set Your Style

Use the Shea Sorbet alone to set your twists, braids, or knots for a fluffy style OR mix it with your favorite gel or custard for a more defined style

Add Some Shine

After styling your hair, use a little Shea Sorbet on your strands for some much needed shine

Detangle & Pre Poo

Detangle your hair with the Shea Sorbet before washing to help keep the shampoo from stripping your hair of it's natural oils

Smooth Skin

Rub the Shea Sorbet all over the body to heal dry skin!

(If you want to really lock in that moisture, use it as soon as you're done showering and before you dry off. The steam from the shower opens up your pores and the Shea Sorbet will be able to work its magic on your skin)

But wait...there's more:

Apply at night under the eyes to help brighten dark circles

Use as a shaving cream

Exfoliate & then use the Shea Sorbet regularly between waxes

Try it as a light sunscreen

Mix it with illuminator or by itself on high points of your face (cheekbones, nose, & chin) to give yourself a dewy glow

Helps relieve skin irritations like eczema

The possibilities are endless so grab a jar and get creative!!

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