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Moving on to Bigger + Better: The Story of our Sweet Mint Smoothie Conditioner Set 2.0 and Bundle De

We're introducing our new and improved Sweet Mint Smoothie Conditioner Set. We kind of think it should be called Sweet Mint Smoothie 2.0 but the we're keeping the original name.

So you're dying to know what the big change is right? need to wait another second because that's exactly the news we want to share.

The conditioner has just doubled in size. It's now a whopping 16 ounces (previously 8 ounces)!! It's still accompanied by our 2 empty 4oz bottles that can be customized into your new favorite Leave-in conditioner and Refresher Spray.

The big change occurred recently and it all stems from being a new company that willingly adapts and changes when our customers provide telling feedback! Yup, that's right...we did it for you! We heard that the 8 ounce conditioner set just wasn't enough (not in it's ability to detangle your tresses with a quickness but...) after customizing the Leave-in bottle and Refresher Spray! So we decided to double it's size and ensure that you have enough conditioner to get through plenty of wash days.

With that being said, we also had to adjust the price of this 3-in-1 Conditioner set. You now get these 3 essential products for $45. In essence, when you order, you'll be receiving a 16 ounce bottle of conditioner, 4 ounce bottle for your Leave-in and a 4 ounce bottle for your Refresher Spray...and a little goes a long way so you'll get plenty of use out of all 3!

We also discontinued our All-in Box to create 2 new bundle deals!!

Introducing our Boundless Bundle, which includes all of our multi-use products that focus on hair health (Body Glow Pumice Scrub not included):

Our Boundless Bundle will retail for $67 which allows you to bundle and save! So go 'head and free yourself by being Boundless!!

We're also introducing our Glow Up Bundle which focuses on products that provide healthy, glowing skin.

Keep in mind that all of our products are multi-use so you'll be able to use the Whipped Shea Sorbet and our Clarifying Shampoo and Body Bar for both hair and skin!!

Our Glow Up Bundle will retail for $40 which saves you $10 bucks when you bundle it up.

So BAM, there it is!!! We're doing big things and thankful for the opportunity to share it with all of you!

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