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Boundless Basics: Creating a Regimen

Let's face it- dealing with natural hair can be difficult. Whether you’re transitioning, or have always let your natural hair flow, it’s easy to get lost in the plethora of products, styles, and techniques the hair world has to offer.

But let's make it simple: when in doubt, get back to the basics. That’s the motto of this blog series, and an idea we should all keep in mind when tending to our natural hair. With the help of our trusted products, the Naturally Boundless team has created a series of blog posts, titled “Boundless Basics”, aimed to help curly-haired kings and queens know and master the basics of natural hair care.

So let's get started. Today’s blog post will discuss the most important factor in properly nurturing natural hair: creating a regimen. Consistency is key, especially when it comes to your everyday hair routine. When creating a healthy hair routine, it is vital that you make a consistent schedule of washing, moisturizing, and implementing low manipulation styles. If you find yourself struggling to start a healthy routine, we’ve created a sample regimen below.


  • Pre-poo with coconut oil

  • Shampoo using our Clarifying Shampoo and Body Bar

  • Condition using our Sweet Mint Smoothie Conditioner Set

  • Detangle using our Sweet Mint Smoothie Conditioner Set


  • Deep Condition using our Sweet Mint Smoothie Conditioner Set


  • Moisturize using our Whipped Shea Sorbet

  • Low manipulation style

  • Oil scalp with an essential oil of your choice

  • Sleep with a satin pillow, scarf, or bonnet

Keep in mind that everyone's hair is different, and this regimen can and should be adjusted depending on what your hair needs.

Naturally Boundless wishes you the best of luck on your natural hair journey, and we can’t wait to help you reach your hair goals!

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