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Crystal Healing as a Believer ~ Calling in Faith + Spirituality.

I'm finally living in a balanced way. No longer concerned about separating my Faith and Spirituality. The two were always supposed to live simultaneously in harmony. You can be rooted in the word and live holistically. Oxford gives us the definition of holistic medicine as "characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease." The philosophy also being something "characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole." This is in perfect alignment with my purpose, because I immediately see the correlation between a holistic lifestyle and the Holy Trinity. God - The Consciousness, Jesus - The Body and Holy Spirit - The Soul. All 3 are intimately interconnected and cannot be separated. So if we were made in God's image, it makes sense to tend to our trinity (mind, body, soul). All, again are intimately interconnected and make up the sum of us.

Crystal Healing is a holistic modal for healing. God has given us the tools to thrive but we sometimes get so blinded by the grind of the everyday that we lose sight of our true identity. We're children of the Most High. We have authority here on this Earth! We should be tapping into that natural authority that God has given us. Jesus told the disciples to go out and minister, and gave them permission to perform miracles! Why do you feel so powerless? We have the tools, we just have to re-member who we are and how to use them.

(Pictured - Kundalini Citrine from The Congo. Brings balance and energy to lower 3 chakras. A great stone for manifestations)

One of those natural tools that come from the abundant Earth are crystals.

In order for a stone to be classified as a crystal it must have an organized crystalline structure. But in the open space of Spirituality and healing, we'll assume any mineral, gem, rock or crystal to fit in the category of "crystals." Natural crystals are formed within the Earth and naturally carry a high vibrational frequency because it's a direct creation of God. Crystals are even mentioned Biblically, the New Jerusalem will be built on a foundation made up of 12 layers of crystals (Rev 21:19-20). So the vibration is about to be on a level we haven't witnessed before! Just magical.

The most important concept to grasp is that this form of healing is always directly linked back to the Divine. It's all interconnected. We've been given these beautiful tools that I like to reference as "Faith Stones." I like to refer to them as such because they act as little reminders that God restores. The stones can be used as tools for healing because they allow our Earthly bodies to open up with intention, bring awareness to parts of the trinity that are imbalanced and raise the vibration of that energy center in order to bring us back into alignment. When the trinity is in alignment there is a shift in your life. There is a deep knowing that you are deeply connected to creation and your perspective begins to change. Abundance and prosperity flow to you easily and you remember the power of your thoughts + the power of the tongue. Your thoughts become more positive, you tend to see the light in any given situation because you understand that there's a chance for growth, and you begin to speak life into your trinity.

These Faith Stones provide us with a physical entity that we can see, touch and feel in order to keep the faith. To remember our power. To remember our prayers. All you need is faith the size of mustard seed to move mountains. But often times we lack faith which inevitably causes blockages in our energy centers. When we're out of whack, we have a much harder time keeping the faith and knowing that our prayers are already answered. To remove these blockages of the trinity, we can use Faith Stones as a tool to help bring balance and harmony back to the Whole You.

It's almost as if these crystals were imparted on us as a blessing from the Holy Trinity Itself, to remind us to walk in Faith and be Restored.

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