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Release + Replace. A Water Meditation.

This water meditation is used to transmute an old thinking pattern and replace it with a new, life-giving mindset. So much of our faith in something can be tied directly to physically seeing it. So even if it's not on the physical plane at this exact moment in time, I want you to see yourself, like really see yourself living your life in an intentional way. Intentional with your thoughts about self, intentional with the words in which you choose, and intentional in the way you view others. When we choose to live with intention, we're choosing the life we want to live. Change your thoughts, change your life!

All you need to grab are the following:

  • 2 glass cups (Fill one of those with drinking water; Definitely depends on how parched you are because you will be drinking the glass at the conclusion of the meditation)

  • 2 sticky notes

  • 1 pen

  • Crystal of your choice. I would recommend a manifestation stone such as Citrine (abundance + prosperity), Aventurine (opportunity), Pyrite (wealth), Quartz (to amplify intentions), Carnelian (creativity) OR any stone you feel called to work with.

STEP 1: Fill 1 glass with water. Think of something that no longer serves you for your greatest good. Once you have it, grab one of your sticky notes and write:

I choose to release...(insert what no longer serves you)

(For example: I choose to release limiting thoughts and behaviors)

and place the sticky note on the glass that's filled with water.

STEP 2: Release what no longer serves you into that glass. Just imagine releasing it out of your trinity and into the glass. Once you've fully released it, focus on dissolving it in the water so that it no longer exists. You're free of it!

STEP 3: Write what you're choosing to transmute it into. What do you wish to replace it with in order to elevate you soul journey.

I choose to replace it with...(insert what you choose to replace it with.

(For example: I choose to replace it with entering into the spectacular) **I replaced it with a mindset of gratitude. Knowing that I can be successful in all areas of my life.

Once you write it down, place it on the empty glass and pour the water from the other glass into this cup.

STEP 4: Visualize yourself being in this new space. How does it feel? What does it look like? See yourself living, being and doing your new manifestation. Spend some time here to really paint the picture!

STEP 5: Drink the water. and allow it to energize your entire being. Water holds memory and intention so you're physically putting life-giving energy back into your body.

STEP 6: Very important: Repeat your new mantra 10x each 3 times a day for a total of 90 days. You're reiterating your intention until it becomes your new normal.

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